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Birdphone"Post-apocalyptic Thanksgiving centerpieces, an air thick enough to dissolve Mountain Dew pancakes, and a dame dressed like a man gayer than Christmas morning. I took Hamburger Bill's case."

Entry for May 6, 2012

Unlimited bandwidth on a brand new host. Free to spread filez like something spread on toast. Word.

Entry for December 14, 2010

Wow. The last thing I remember is trying to buy a gun that shoots Necco Wafers from a guy behind the Kum & Go. When I came to, two years had passed and I had a third kidney.

Entry for November 3, 2008

Assault Kiwi are now available for immediate deployment anywhere in the world.

Assault Kiwi

To learn more or hire an avian solider of fortune, contact us at 1-800-822-6235.

Entry for October 6, 2008

See previous entry. Actually, the change is that I'm on actual hosting now. Don't worry, I'm all out of silver points anyway.

Entry for April 4, 2008

I've updated. Find the changes and earn 15 silver points.

Entry for November 6, 2007

I once pushed a retarded girl in a wheelchair down the stairs, causing her to land on a cardboard box full of kittens and priceless vases.

Entry for May 1, 2007

I cleaned today. There wasn't enough room to actually organize things any better than they already were, so I just put a bunch of stuff in the trash can.

Entry for April 26, 2007

Nintendo should make a chromed DS Lite. The pack-in game would be about making toast.

Entry for April 15, 2007

The clock above my monitor was kind of tilted to the left so I straightened it out.

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